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  • The Hokkaido Government Representative Office is established on 14 January 2016, the same year as Singapore's 50th anniversary of national independence.
  • Our main objectives comprise of attracting foreign tourists, expanding Hokkaido product exports and make them well-known, and to promote inbound investments to Hokkaido. We aim to make the “Hokkaido” brand well-known throughout the ASEAN region.
  • We also aim to promote bidirectional economic exchanges between ASEAN countries and Hokkaido by sharing information on the needs of Singapore/ASEAN visitors, food culture, tourism and investment activities with Hokkaido.
  • For any enquiries on Hokkaido food, tourism, investment activities, etc. please feel free to contact our office.

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Purpose :
Expanding of product exports, attracting foreign tourists to Hokkaido, and promoting inbound investments.

Focus area : entire ASEAN region

Responsibility (Mission) :
  • Collect information from a wide range of network in ASEAN countries, such as local government agencies, trade relations companies, travel agencies, airline companies and financial institutions.
  • Promote “HOKKAIDO” brand and make it more well-known.
  • Support business matching with experts in particular areas of various industries.
  • Support business development to establish commercial flow and logistics.
  • Grasp the needs of local markets and people and feedback to Hokkaido.
  • Work as a contact office in ASEAN region for expanding food exports, attracting foreign tourists and promoting inbound investments.

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