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In order to increase direct foreign investments in Hokkaido, we study the current situation of foreign countries’ investments and the business structure in working together with local communities and enterprises.

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For the details of Hokkaido investment climate, please refer above link.


For more information on investment and business activities of Hokkaido, please refer to the following links.

Hokkaido Government
Hokkaido Government

Hokkaido International Business Center
Hokkaido International Business Centre

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Hokkaido)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Hokkaido)

Hokkaido Industry

Our main responsibility is to promote the “Hokkaido” brand , especially Food and Tourism. We continually find new high-quality products, utilizing Hokkaido's specialties while considering the safety and secure issues, and also create and expand sales channels of our products outside and inside of Hokkaido. We emphasize human resources and promote tourism from in and out of Japan.

Information of Hokkaido companies which have overseas offices

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Hokkaido) website
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Hokkaido)

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