Cosmetics from Hokkaido on sale in Singapore!

Greetings, everyone. This is Takahashi from Hokkaido Government Representative Office in Singapore.
The ‘Accessories Runway’ is on at Takashimaya Singapore (Takashimaya Square B2) from now until 7 May. The fair features shoes, bags, accessories, etc. up for sale, and 4 Hokkaido companies are also exhibiting cosmetic products. These companies joined the Hokkaido White Luxury fair back in March this year, and their products use high-quality ingredients from Hokkaido. Please drop by and have a look at them when you have the time!

[Companies from Hokkaido]
Aspire Cosmetics (Whitening gel)
Abyssal Japan (Sugar-based skincare products)
K’s Factory (Lavender-based aromatic products)
Hokkaido Kawazoe Company (Skincare products)