Hokkado Marine Products Seminar

Greetings, everyone. This is Saeki from Hokkaido Government Representative Office in Singapore.

I joined the seminar regarding Hokkaido marine products on 22 Apr 2017 at WADATSUMI, a Japanese restaurant located in Tanjong Pagar. This seminar was held by Hokkaido fishermen’s cooperative association, and had two part: one is a presentation, the other is a sampling party.

Hokkaido is surrounded by three seas, namely the Japan Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, and the Pacific Ocean, where it is also famous area for fishing in Japan. Japanese people know that there are many delicious marine products in Hokkaido, with scallops, chum salmon, herring being especially popular. Dishes made with these products were served at the sampling party.

At the sampling party, I enjoyed eating sashimi and sushi made from scallops and herring; grilled salmon and salmon roe clay pot rice; changchang grilled salmon (Hokkaido local food) and so on. All of us were satisfied with these dishes, especially sashimi and sushi ran out immediately.

There was a very important sentence being said at the presentation: “Hokkaido no sakana wa oishii!” This means that fish in Hokkaido is delicious.  Hokkaido fair is held at WADATSUMI until 31 May 2017. Please go to WADATSUMI and use this phrase if you are interested in it.

A Greeting of executive director, Hokkaido fishermen’s cooperative association
Presentation of Hokkaido Marine Products
Scene of sampling party
Sashimi is very popular, so I can’t eat enough,,,
They enjoyed fish of Hokkaido.