Autumn Colours! Food! Activities! Enjoy Tokachi in Autumn!


Greetings, this is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

For this time I am introducing places to see in Tokachi during autumn.

Tokachi on map

Tokachi is known for huge pastures, but in the town of Ashoro lies Onneto, it is home to a mysterious blue pond, autumn leaves and many other places with beautiful scenery.

Autumn with beautiful leaves at Onneto
Morning mist
Late autumn view
Transition between late autumn and winter

Plus, you can enjoy Tokachi wines and cheese during ‘Cheese & Wine Evening’ at the ‘Autumn Festival in Tokachigawa’ in Otofuke, and there will be an assembly hall decorated with jack-o’-lanterns for the season.

Autumn Festival

At Totoroodo in the town of Makubetsu, visitors can witness salmon swimming upstream behind glass, and have a taste of autumn as well.

Salmon swimming upstream

Activities are great for the cool season of autumn. At Lake Shikaribetsu in the town of Shikaoi, visitors can take part in sea kayaking, and because of the lake’s sheer transparency, it will feels as though they are floating on air!


Throughout the year, ban’ei horse racing in Obihiro is strongly recommended. How about racing with your friends in a heated race?

Ban’ei horse racing

Come to Tokachi for the lovely nature and the delicious foods!