Enjoy idle time at an island faraway from your everyday life in Okushiri


Greetings, this is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

This week we are introducing Okushiri, known as a town of seafood and pure bliss floating in the transparent blue sea, southwest of mainland Hokkaido.

Location of Okushiri on map

The town of Okushiri is rich in marine products such as sea urchin and abalone, both of which are unique to the remote island, and visitors can even catch and enjoy their own abalone on the spot as an experience.

Unimaru, the official mascot of Okushiri
Abalone fishing
Nabetsuru Rock

Moreover, visitors can take part in a winery tour where they can taste and sample grapes grown locally in Okushiri Island at ‘Okushiri Winery’, the first winery on an island in Japan. And in the blue waters off of Okushiri island, various aquatic sports can also be enjoyed at the beach in the summer as well as diving which is proving to be very popular.

Sea urchin rice bowl
Sai no Kawara (Japanese rose)

Come visit the quaint island of Okushiri, and enjoy an unforgettable respite from your everyday life!