To know about Rumoi is to know about Hokkaido

Greetings, this is Nazrul from the Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

The region of Rumoi is an area blessed with fortunes from the mountain and the sea, both revolving around the rich nature of Hokkaido.

Location of Rumoi on map

Long ago, the Rumoi region flourished in nishin (herring) fishing activities and many cultural properties indicate that the prosperity of the time remain intact to this day.  Driving along the coast is highly recommended for visitors, along with enjoying the sunset settling in the west of the Sea of Japan, as well as the coastal scenery that is lined up with windmills.

Nishin-banya, a roadside station in Rumoi that is designated as an important cultural property
Konpira Shrine
Windmills in Rumoi

In the region, kazu-no-ko (herring roe) and botan-ebi (pandalid shrimp) are among the most popular catches in Japan, and here you can fully savor the bounties of the sea. On top of that, sake-making and fruit tree-cultivating are also popular, both enabled by the abundance of rich water resources from Mount Shokanbetsu, and warm weather.

Kazu-no-ko (herring roe)
Seafood rice bowl
Grapes in Rumoi

Visitors traveling to Hokkaido should include Rumoi in their itineraries, where they can enjoy the charms of the mountain and the sea.