Hokkaido Tourism Event at Men-ya KAIKO (SG)

This is Edmond from Hokkaido Government Representative Office.

Hokkaido Government Representative Office, organised a tourism event at Men-ya KAIKO on 7 Dec 2019. Attendees were selected from a list of people who have participated in an online Facebook campaign on Hokkaido Government Representative Office’s Facebook page. There were even students from National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), who usually collaborates with Hokkaido Government Representative Office to promote Hokkaido. I had the honor of being the MC for the event.

Hokkaido banners outside Men-ya KAIKO, the event venue

The Managing Director of Hokkaido Government Representative Office, gave an opening speech for the event, followed by the Director of Men-ya KAIKO, who gave an introduction about the ramen store, which supported the event with the venue and ramen.

Attendees were firstly all treated to FREE delicious ramen served by Men-ya KAIKO and I did a presentation on my recent trip to Hokkaido, which you can read more about in the “Discovering the charm of Hokkaido in Nov” series.

All the attendees were then asked to write down their thoughts regarding what they would expect when traveling to Hokkaido. I then went around asking some of them to share what they have written down with everyone. Some of the comments were really interesting, one shared that she went to Tomamu during summer to see the “sea of clouds” and was surprised that the weather was actually cooling. Someone who didn’t visit Hokkaido before shared that he would like to visit Hokkaido during winter to do winter sports.

This exchange of opinions allows everyone to find out more about Hokkaido from one another.

Attendees enjoying ramen

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, while listening to my presentation on Hokkaido

We also invited a previous winner who won a Scoot air ticket in our previous campaign, as a special guest, to give a presentation of the experience she had in Hokkaido during summer.

Special guest giving her presentation on summer in Hokkaido

Her presentation covered her journey through Sapporo, Otaru, Shakotan, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu, Asahikawa, Biei, Furano and Yubari.

Alongside tourism spots, she also showcase the food which one can expect to try in Hokkaido, such as uni (sea urchin) rice bowl, ramen, pizzas, yubari melon and many more.


Special guest’s presentation on Uni rice bowl in Shakotan

Her visit to the flower and lavender fields in Biei and Furano respectively, was one of the highlights of her presentation. Many people were amazed that Hokkaido has such beautiful scenery during summer. She also explained that the temperature in Hokkaido during the trip was not as hot as what normally we will expect.

Special guest’s presentation on Biei, Shikisai no Oka (四季彩の丘)

Special guest’s presentation on Furano’s lavender fields

The pictures of the lavenders fields in her slides were really captivating and I am sure, like me, many of the audiences were enticed to travel to Hokkaido in summer to see the flowers.

After her presentation, I told the audiences that traveling to Hokkaido is relatively easy via Scoot, as Scoot has return flights between Singapore and New Chitose via Taipei. During the winter period, from November to February, Scoot even has direct flights with no stopover to Hokkaido. Scoot air ticket prices were also relatively affordable generally by everyone.

SCOOT special Hokkaido Website

I also informed everyone that “UPOPOY NATIONAL AINU MUSEIM and PARK” is opening at Shiraoi town on 24 April 2020.

UPOPOY Presentation slide

Before we ended the event, we conducted a lucky draw, where we gave out Hokkaido goodies to the attendees of the event. We finally took a commemorative photo with everyone before ending off the day.

Lucky draw prize presentation

Commemorative photo taking

This event was indeed a fruitful one, as despite it being held on a Saturday afternoon, many people still turned up and showed interest to learn more about traveling to Hokkaido.

Singapore being a tropical country, majority of the people usually travel to Hokkaido during the winter season. However, after going around and asking the audiences for their opinions, I realised that many shared that Hokkaido is actually not really that hot in summer and would definitely consider traveling to Hokkaido during that period. The presentation by our special guest also helped, as she showcased the beauty of Hokkaido during summer in her presentation.

I hope Hokkaido Government Representative Office will be able to organise future events like this, to further build the interest of Hokkaido in the ASEAN region.