Journey in winter Hokkaido! – Pair of NTU JAC students, Day 1

For this series, we will be posting the experience of Eastern Hokkaido, seen as it is by both male and a female student from NTU JAC. Today they started their journey towards Obihiro!

Male student

We woke up early in the morning and left for Obihiro today. Our train was from JR Noboribetsu station, with a transfer at JR Minami-Chitose station.

At JR Minami-Chitose station, we boarded the Limited Express Super Tokachi, the sun was shining and the amount of snow was pretty okay, nothing too insane. Thirty minutes into the train ride, the scenery outside was covered with snow! It was as if someone decided to layer every surface with white, fluffy looking snow.

Train towards Obihiro

Various snow landscapes while on the train to Obihiro

Arrive at JR Obihiro station

Upon arriving at JR Obihiro station, we boarded the bus to Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie (大草原の小さな家).

Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie was a quaint log cabin in the middle of the countryside. No high rise building in sight, just vast open fields. Entering the log cabin, I was immediately introduced to this homely room, warm lighting and lovely wooden floors.

We were here for their lunchtime buffet, the food had already been laid out on the table.

With a wide spread of dishes to choose from, rice, miso soup, plenty of side dishes, we began to fill our plate up. Every dish felt like they were prepared by hand, non-commercial, as if these were the dishes the chef would cook for their own family’s lunch. My favourite dish was the fried potato mochi, crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside.

Exterior of Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie

Interior of Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie

Lunchtime buffet

My lunch at Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie

After our lunch, we visited the cafe right next to the restaurant, Patisserie Roku, to have some cakes.

Various beautiful landscapes along the way back to Obihiro

After arriving back at Obihiro, we walked to Tokachi Toteppo Factory, a cafe specialising in cheese. We ordered their Fromage, Cheese Tart, Cheese Cake, Strawberry Daifuku, and a Shortcake.

Of course, the cafe boasts a wide selection of other cakes and sweets as well, along with a range of cheeses. I loved the Strawberry Daifuku, it had strawberry cream inside and a thin layer of cake as well.

Tokachi Toteppo Factory

Various cakes and sweets on sale at Tokachi Toteppo Factory

Cute cup at Tokachi Toteppo Factory

Our order at Tokachi Toteppo Factory

For dinner, we headed to Kita No Yatai, a small pathway that was lined with izakayas, the Japanese equivalent of a pub. These izakayas were small, roughly sat only about 7 customers at a time. Each of them specialises in their own unique dish, from ox’s tongue to horse sashimi.

We ordered beer, shishamo, oden, oysters, onigiri, fried potatoes, horse sashimi, and beef skewers.

Exterior of Kita No Yatai

Dinner we had at Kita No Yatai

Female student

We started off by catching the Limited Express Suzuran from JR Noboribetsu station and the Limited Express Super Tokachi to JR Obihiro station.

Upon reaching Obihiro, we headed to the bus terminal and bought our Visit Tokachi Pass to head to Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie.

We opted for a 1-day Visit Tokachi Pass which costs 1,500 yen per person and gotten the free Enjoy Tokachi Ticket.

The Visit Tokachi Pass is a convenient unlimited ride pass for people who visit the Tokachi region.

The Enjoy Tokachi is a discount booklet with a worth of a 2,000 yen exclusive to foreigners, which features several places ranging from food to experiences at various locations, within the Tokachi region, which you can use to get discounts off their purchases. (Enjoy Tokachi Ticket is valid till 20 Dec 2019)

Visit Tokachi Pass:
Enjoy Tokachi Ticket:


Visit Tokachi Pass and Enjoy Tokachi Ticket

Using our passes, we hopped onto the bus from Obihiro bus terminal and travelled to Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie for a 60min lunch buffet. We stuffed our faces with the wide selection of dishes offered by the eatery, ensuring that we had at least a bite of every item available.

My lunch at Daisougen-no Chiisana-ie

After lunch

, we headed over to Patisserie Roku for dessert. We shared a strawberry shortcake and a cup of earl grey tea. The strawberry shortcake was light and fluffy, and had a good balance of tartness from the strawberries and sweetness from the cream. The staff were friendly and approachable, striking up conversations with both us and the locals.

Patisserie Roku

Interior of Patisserie Roku

Strawberry shortcake I had at Patisserie Roku

We boarded the bus back to JR Obihiro station and headed to our next stop – Hotel Nupka. Once we checked in to the hotel, we decided to end our day, popping by Tokachi Toteppo Factory. We ordered several cheesecakes which they are well known for. Anyone who loves cheesecake, will definitely enjoy the fromage and camembert cheesecakes. The cheese flavour was more distinct and creamier for the camembert cheesecake compared to the fromage, however the fromage was much smoother and more delicate on the palate as compared to the camembert cheesecake.


Fashionable lobby area of Hotel Nupka

We finally ended our day! Please look forward to more of our adventures in Eastern Hokkaido!