Exploring Hiyama and Oshima in Southern Hokkaido – Oshima

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The most well-known city in the Oshima subprefecture is Hakodate city. Let us introduce you to some of the lesser known sights in Hakodate city.

Firstly head to the “Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden”. From December to early May, you will be able to see Japanese monkeys soaking contentedly in the hot springs to escape the cold weather, just like we humans do.

Japanese monkeys soaking in the hot springs

Entrance to “Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden”


The next hidden gem in Hakodate city is the “Yukura shrine (湯倉神社)”!
If you have been to a Japanese shrine before, you will know about “omikuji (Japanese fortune telling paper strips)”.

What is special about this shrine is that they have a special way to pick up your omikuji called “Squid fishing omikuji”, where you use a small fishing rod to pick up your fortune.

“Squid fishing omikuji” at “Yukura shrine”

“Squid omikuji”

“Yukura shrine”


Are you feeling hungry? There is also a famous local burger store that originated from Hakodate city, called “LUCKY PIERROT”. The popular “Chinese Chicken Burger”, is a must try if you are in the area!

For those who have a big appetite and confidence, do challenge yourself to try the “Fat Man’s Burger (THEフトッチョバーガー)”! It is definitely a monster of a burger to finish!

URL: http://luckypierrot.jp/en/

“Fat Man’s Burger”

“Chinese Chicken Burger”


“LUCKY PIERROT” interior


When travelling around Hakodate city, don’t forget to pick up your “Hakodate Special Ticket”!

This ticket includes a transportation ticket, which you can use to redeem an all-day single day bus and tram ticket. It will allow you to also enjoy shopping, dining and tourist attractions all around Hakodate city at a lower price. *Valid till 31 Mar 2020

Do check out their website for further information.

Hakodate Special Ticket website (English):

Hakodate Special Ticket



, when driving along “national route 5”, we recommend you stopping by the roadside station “Nanairo-Nanae (なないろ・ななえ)”, which is along the way to Onuma park from Hakodate city.

Nanae town (七飯町) is known as the birthplace of western apple cultivation and you will be able to purchase various delicious fruits and vegetables at this roadside station.

Fruits and vegetables on sale at “Nanairo-Nanae”


Also located beside the roadside station is a place called “The DANSHAKU Lounge”, which is a museum of steam cars and agricultural tools that were used in the past. In addition to the museum and the shop, there is also a restaurant where you will be able to try delicious cuisines that are made using the local meat and potatoes.

URL (Japanese): https://danshaku-lounge.com/

“The DANSHAKU Lounge”


Thank you for reading and we hope to see you all soon in Southern Hokkaido!

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